Free Delivery – Bring on the Happy Dance!

Free Delivery – Bring on the Happy Dance!

Let’s face it, online shopping is basically awesome

The ultimate in convenience, it allows you to order practically anything from your weekly shopping to an awesome Buddabag, all from the comfort of your own home! You simply have to sit back, relax and let your purchases come to you! You don’t even have to get dressed to do it! You can browse your prospective purchases in your PJs if you want to. It’s revolutionised the way we shop and has become increasingly popular year on year.

But, It Can Get You Worked Up

But if there is one pitfall to online shopping that gets people all worked up, it’s the wrath of the unreasonable delivery charge that’s completely out of line with what you’ve bought!

Cue Villainous Evil Laugh…

You don’t Mind Paying a Reasonable Delivery Fee

But when you’ve taken the time to browse for what you want, enjoying all the colourful pictures, imagining yourself with the items in your hands, only to get to the checkout to find that the delivery charges for that book or top are almost double the cost of the item you’re purchasing, you feel like screaming!

It’s not Only Unreasonable, but it’s Downright Sneaky!

As you’ve already put in all that information, like your address at least twice, a password you’re probably never going to remember, a billing address and a shipping address.

Only to be hit with this massively over the top delivery charge right at the end of all that effort!

Bring on The Happy Dance!

But finding that delivery is FREE at the checkout? Well it’s a pretty special feeling! It’s sort of like getting those 3 matching stars on a scratch card, getting a free latte on a cold morning or finding a €2 coin on the ground. It’s totally unexpected bonus!

Buddabag are offering you FREE DELIVERY in the UK & Ireland on all orders in the classic range!