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Buddabag is not just a common beanbag. Filled with the highest quality foam, Buddabags shapes to your body and adapt to your weight. It’s 100% made in Ireland and extremely durable. You can choose between more than 40 combinations of size, fabric and colour.

mini buddabag


Don’t let the name fool you, this is plenty of Buddabag, and is a wonderful, highly flexible alternative to a luxury armchair or recliner.



It’s our most popular Buddabag. The Midi is best regarded as a very generous large armchair or a sumptuous mini-sofa for two close companions (or parent and child).


brown buddabag


This is the ultimate Buddabag. The Maxi will allow you to dispose of your sofa and bring Buddabag comfort to your room.


BuddaPet Mini

Designed by pet lovers for pets, the Buddapet will maximise the sleeping comfort of your furry friend.

€179 to €116

Luxury dog bed
Luxury dog bed

BuddaPet Midi

After years of providing cloudy comfort to our customers with our well known Buddabag’s, and witnessing their popularity amongst their furry family members, we have been inspired to design a new range dedicated only for them.

€225 to €146

BuddaPet Maxi

We present Budda pet.

Our pet beds provide extreme relaxation and comfort, while supporting joints and muscles.

€275 to €178

Luxury dog bed

Why Choose Buddabag?

Once you dive into a Buddabag you’ll immediately know why it’s so special


Like you’re on air

Buddabag is not a a beanbag, filled with the highest quality memory foam so that it moulds to the exact shape of your body.


Handmade in Ireland

We are very proud of our Buddabags and we hope you and your family will love them as much as we do!
They are the perfect piece of furniture to just chill and bring you and your family together.


Easy to Clean

With the zip-off machine washable covers you can instantly change your Buddabag to suit your mood, interior colour-scheme of your home and you never have to worry about dirt and stains!


Forever and ever

Filled with highly resilient, durable unique foam, we guarantee that the cloud like comfort level of your Buddabag will never diminish.


In 2004 we put all our passion and knowledge in creating something extremely comfy and cool, but we didn’t want a common bean bag. Using the highest quality memory foam we brought to life Buddabag.

You will understand why everyone loves it so much once you dive into a BuddaBag you’ll immediately know why it’s so special.

Some Great Brands With Buddabag Style!

Facebook - Client Buddabag
Case Studies - UTV Ireland - Branded Bean Bags
Google - Buddabag - Branded Bean Bag
Paddypower - Branded Bean Bag
Intercom - Branded Bean Bag - Buddabag
Hostelworld - Branded Bean Bag - Buddabag
Microsoft - Branded Buddabag
NHS - Branded Bean Bag
Dropbox - Branded Bean Bag
Dogpatch lab - Branded Bean Bag - Buddabag
WebSummit - Branded Buddabag
7Up - Branded Bean Bag - Commercial


Buddabag Icon

It’s the most used piece of furniture in the house, I can’t get the kids off it for love nor money!

John S – Warrickshire

Buddabag Icon

I couldn’t recommend Buddabag enough, great product, great service

Mary D – Cork

Buddabag Icon

No one can honestly compare these amazing pieces of kit to a beanbag, it’s completely out of this world how comfortable it is.

Alison G. – Surrey

The Buddabag Collection

Bringing people together

Our collection is designed to let you create your own customised Buddabag! With three different materials, three sizes and eight trendy colours you can choose from over 40 combinations!
Feeling something new? No problem, your Buddabags cover can be completely changed in under 10 minutes!

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