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Mini Buddabag – 4ft (120cm)

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The second most popular Buddabag is the Mini. Don’t let the name fool you, this is plenty of Buddabag for the money, and is a wonderful and highly flexible alternative to a luxury armchair or recliner. With plenty of room to spread out, you’ll be reluctant to move after enjoying the support of all that memory foam. The Mini Buddabag is great for watching TV, playing games, listening to your iPod or HiFi, reading a book or newspaper, or just catching a few Zzzzz’s. Once kept fluffed up, your Buddabag will adjust to your sitting style in seconds. Great for a couple of kids to enjoy watching TV or playing games together, and perfect for you and a smaller child to have some relaxing quality time.

Recommended Accessories: Support your head and neck with an OobiDoobi, get allround arm, shoulder and neck support with an Akimbo Long Neck.

Size: 120cm (4ft/48″) diameter circle on floor. Package: 109x58cm vacuumpacked sausageshaped, 20Kg.


Midi Buddabag – 5ft (150cm)

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This is our most popular Buddabag. The Midi is best regarded as a very generous large armchair or a sumptuous minisofa for two close companions (or parent and child). If you’re feeling selfindulgent, this kingsized single seater has no equal for luxury and comfort. You can stretch out and just bask in the support of thousands of tiny memory foam pillows inside the Buddabag. The Midi Buddabag is great for lounging in front of the TV, playing console games, listening to music, reading, or just having a snooze in the sun. You’ll soon figure out how to make your Midi Buddabag support your weight in all these situations. If you’ve someone close to share with, a Midi Buddabag makes a perfect snuggle seat for two adults or you and the kids.

Recommended Accessories: Support your head and neck with an OobiDoobi, get allround arm, shoulder and neck support with an Akimbo Long Neck.

Size: 150cm (5ft/60″) diameter circle on floor. Package: 127x62cm vacuumpacked sausageshaped, 24Kg.


Maxi Buddabag – 6FT (182cm)

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Finally, this is the ultimate Buddabag. This will allow you to dispose of our sofa and bring Buddabag comfort to your room. However, it is big!!! This will accommodate 3 adults sitting side by side in a sofa function. There is more than enough space for 2, and doubles up as the most comfortable guest bed ever, with your overnight guest up before you making your breakfast unfortunately not sold with product!).This is one for ALL the family!

Recommended Accessories: Support your head and neck with an OobiDoobi, get allround arm, shoulder and neck support with an Akimbo Long Neck.

Size: 182cm (6ft/72″) diameter circle on floor. Package: 149x66cm vacuumpacked sausageshaped, 39kg.

Choose the right fabric

Every Buddabag comes wrapped in its own hardwearing, easily removable and machine washable cover. You can buy a new cover for your Buddabag at any time, allowing you to completely change the look and feel of your Buddabag in minutes. All our covers are cut and sewn in Ireland and are guaranteed against defects for a year from purchase. This short guide will help you to choose the perfect cover for your Buddabag.



Hardwearing but soft to the touch, our Corduroy Buddabags are practical, affordable and yet luxurious. There’s something special about the chunky texture when you’re sitting in a Corduroy Buddabag that you have to experience for yourself. 100% Cotton Weight:300gsm Softness:Medium Durability:Medium Maintenance:Medium Colours:Deep Brown, Mushroom Beige, Flaming Red, Royal Blue, Black.



Canvas Made from topquality cotton, a Denim or Canvas Buddabag Cover is tough yet sophisticated, and the finish allows for a purer and more striking colouring than our other fabrics. 100% Cotton Weight: 275gsm Softness:Medium   Durability: High Maintenance: Low    Colours: Wooden Brown, Sandy Beige, Liverpool Red, Electric Blue, Black.



For the ultimate in feelgood, our Microsuede Buddabag Covers are dressy and silky to the touch. Microsuede is an artificial cloth which is fully machine washable and easily spotcleaned, yet it has a sheen and feel which says luxury and comfort. Microsuede has the added benefit of having a fluorocarbon coating, very like scotchgard. This means the microsuede Buddabags are perfect in high traffic areas like playrooms, kids bedrooms, schools and creches. 100% Polyester Weight: 225gsm Softness: Low Durability: High Maintenance: Low Colours: Chocolate Brown, Stone Beige, Raspberry Red, Marine Blue, Black, Candy Grey, Candy Green, Candy Pink, Candy Purple.