BuddaBag Vs the Couch The Epic Battle of Comfort

BuddaBag Vs the Couch – The Epic Battle of Comfort

The sitting room tends to be the heart of most households, it’s where we get together to watch movies, to snuggle with loved ones, or chill out and chat with friends. But typically where do we end up sitting? Generally it’s on the couch… But let’s face it, these days the lure of technology like tablets, smart phones and games consoles has us off in different rooms and the bottom line is, the boring old couch just doesn’t cut it when it comes to gathering friends and family together.

But what if there was something so cool and quirky that it would attract everyone from giddy kids to your most conservative single pals? Something that trumped the couch on practically every level? Something so fun you just had to dive into it and something that actually had you looking forward to sitting together with your loved ones?

Well imagine no more, instead meet Buddabag!

How They Look

On looks alone it’s got the contest won from the get-go. But looks aside, there’s a very special ‘Buddabag effect’ that takes hold as soon as most people clap eyes on it. Don’t believe us? Well then take your kids, or partner or BFF to a store with a Buddabag and see what happens….

Something a bit like this?

No More Ass Grooves

Thankfully that won’t happen to your Buddabag, instead just flip it over to bring it back to its original shape and watch as the family dive in and gather round.

The Comfort Factor

On the comfort front the Buddabag has it in spades too and once a person sits in it, they’ll come back time after time to get that amazing on-a-cloud feeling. Unlike the couch, that after a few months of sitting can develop those awful ‘Ass Grooves.’ Don’t know what an ‘Ass Groove’ is? Oh yes you do!

And What About Spillages?

Yes you know what we mean. You invite your friends over for a few drinks and all goes well until someone spills the red wine! ‘Oh its fine,’ you say while secretly fuming over how you’re going to get the flaming couch clean again and terrified to flip over the cushion because the so called clean side is dirty too!

Thankfully with the Buddabag you just unzip, throw in the wash and you’re done!

Your Couch is sort of like a mini Bermuda Triangle

Finally have you ever thought that your couch is sort of like a mini Bermuda Triangle? Stay with us here. Have you ever sat on the couch, then later got up, gone for your pocket and realised you change, pen, lip balm etc, is gone! But where did it go? It was there an hour ago!

You re-trace you steps until suddenly it hits you… it fell out of your pocket and in between the couch cushions. Now you face the horrifying task of looking underneath the couch cushions, petrified at what you’ll find? Change, crayons, empty chocolate wrappers of bars you swore you didn’t eat? And that’s not to mention the army of gross crumbs and food detritus that’s built up. Ewwwwh!