The 5 Steps To The Crash

The 5 Steps To The Crash

You know what it’s like….

You’ve had a tough day running around chasing your tail and all you want to do is have 5 minutes to yourself before more mayhem ensues. But no, people keep talking to you, asking you ‘where’s this’ and ‘where’s that’, ‘when will dinner be ready’ and all you want is a quick 40 winks on your super comfy Buddabag! If you could just muster up the energy to keep going it would all be fine! But sooner or later tiredness takes over!

The Definitive Five Stages Tiredness

We’ve put together the definitive five stages tiredness from the beginning ‘I’m fine’ stages, to the crashing out final stage. Now….. *yawn*…. What was that you were saying again? *Snores*

1. The One Second Doze

This happens just at the start of the extreme tiredness. You think you’re fine, you’re chatting away. ‘Yes I’m listening, I’m not tired, no to at all’… then bam your eyes close as if by themselves!

2. The Yawning

Next comes the dreaded yawning stage and once you start its impossible to stop… you’re yawning right now reading this aren’t you?

3. The Stretching

You don’t know why, but you keep getting the urge to stretch, as if it might somehow stop you from getting even sleepier, but it only makes you want to get cosy even more.

4. The Anger Phase

You’re so tired by now you’ll probably punch the next person who keeps you from your beloved snooze. ‘Why oh why can’t I just get some sleep,’ you moan!

5. Finally it’s the Crash

At this point you need to crash into your Buddabag for some emergency Z’s, but as is often the case even the floor will do when tiredness takes over!