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Welcome to Buddabag

Luxury orange micro suede beanbag


A Buddabag is an experience. It is a place where you can escape in order to relax, read that book you’ve been wanting to read, catch up on your favourite TV shows, and have chats with friends and family, all while feeling beyond comfortable. Every Buddabag is handcrafted to the highest possible standard and filled with upcycled memory foam that intuitively adjusts to your body’s shape and weight. Buddabags are 100% handmade in Ireland and designed with your needs in mind. You can choose from a selection of more than 40 combinations of size, fabric and colour.


Created by pet lovers for pets, the BuddaPet takes the proven design of the iconic Buddabag to a whole new level. After years of providing comfort for our hundreds of customers, we’ve lovingly produced this range specifically for your furry friends.

Buddabag Dog Bed
Gray Buddabag Footwear


Our design team has created the perfect house shoe to complement the Buddabag experience and give you that walking on air feeling while you’re relaxing at home.

Why Choose Buddabag?

Once you sink into the comfort of a Buddabag, you’ll immediately understand why it’s so special.


And a feeling of weightlessness which eases muscle and joint pain

Buddabags are filled with the highest quality of upcycled memory foam, it moulds to the exact shape of your body providing a secure and comfortable place for you and your family.


We are very proud of our Buddabags and we hope you and your family will love them as much as we do!

They are the perfect piece of furniture that brings fun and comfort to your home.


Easy to Clean

With zip-off machine washable covers, you can instantly change your Buddabag to suit your mood and the interior colour-scheme of your home. And you never have to worry about dirt and stains!



Filled with the highest quality of upcycled memory foam, we guarantee the endurance of the cloud like comfort will out live most other products.


The story began in 2004 when we combined all of our passion and design expertise into creating something that could be extremely comfy and cool. We wanted to create a space where you could relax and sink into after a long day, and through our innovation, and use of high-quality memory foam and fabrics, the Buddabag was born.

Once you’ve experienced a Buddabag, you’ll understand why we’ve stood the test of time and why we continue to be an iconic brand in Ireland.

Some Great Brands With Buddabag Style!

Facebook - Client Buddabag
Case Studies - UTV Ireland - Branded Bean Bags
Google - Buddabag - Branded Bean Bag
Paddypower - Branded Bean Bag
Intercom - Branded Bean Bag - Buddabag
Hostelworld - Branded Bean Bag - Buddabag
Microsoft - Branded Buddabag
NHS - Branded Bean Bag
Dropbox - Branded Bean Bag
Dogpatch lab - Branded Bean Bag - Buddabag
WebSummit - Branded Buddabag
7Up - Branded Bean Bag - Commercial


Buddabag Icon

It’s the most used piece of furniture in the house, I can’t get the kids off it for love nor money!

John S – Warrickshire

Buddabag Icon

I couldn’t recommend Buddabag enough, great product, great service

Mary D – Cork

Buddabag Icon

No one can honestly compare these amazing pieces of kit to a beanbag, it’s completely out of this world how comfortable it is.

Alison G. – Surrey

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